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Castle Creations Berg 7P is a 7 Channel Programmable Receiver that Holds a Standard of EXCELLENCE in Receiver Technology!


Don’t let the tiny size and light weight fool you, this is a FULL RANGE receiver! The Berg 7P provides the solid precise control and superior noise rejection every modeler demands. The same proven microprocessor driven True Digital Signal Processing (TDSP) and Transmitter Signal Recognition (TSR) functions that have made the Castle Creations Berg 4 the industry standard in full range micro receiver performance ensure flight after flight of glitch-free operation!  Compatible with Most Brands of 72mHz FM Transmitters**.




Number of Channels: 7 Outputs:  1- 2 -3 -4 -5 -6- 7 Channels:  Any 7 of  channels 1 - 9
Filtering:  Triple Tuned RF Circuitry Filtering:  Steep flank 8 pole IF ceramic filter set


Filtering:  True DSP filtering in the microprocessor decoder with adaptive algorithms based on signal/noise ratio of the received signal
Sensitivity:  Better than 1.2uV Size:  .85 x 1.25 x .5" Weight: With Wires .28 oz (8g)
Crystal:  Berg Micro ONLY Case:  Translucent Polycarbonate FULL Range Programmable Receiver with selectable Fail Safe Mode
Shift Polarity:  Auto-Detects positive or Negative Part #: Berg7P



Castle Link configurable!
Connect the Berg 7p to your Castle Link for unprecedented control of its numerous programmable functions! Easy channel mapping and adjustable servo response rate are the initial basic features. There’s also a “real time” slider control on screen to set your fail safe servo positions and view your transmitter’s signal outputs as you move your radio’s control sticks. The Berg 7p has seven output channel ports, but you can replace any of them with channels 8 and 9 using the Castle Link. Look for even more amazing programmable features to be added in the future.

Only the Castle Creations Berg 7p receiver gives you these truly useful innovations in receiver function and only Castle Creations can make it this easy to use! Make your next receiver a step up to the pinnacle of RF performance and functionality. Make sure it’s a Castle Creations Berg 7P!

See the Berg 7P Receiver User Guide (576k PDF) for more details.

Additional Features:

         **Note: Not for use with PCM encoded signals or the Futaba 9Z series WITH synth Module.



Berg 7P Receiver

Vertical Pin or Horizontal Pin

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Castle Creations


USB Programming Kit

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Castle Creations Berg Micro Crystals

Berg brand crystals are manufactured to the highest tolerances in order to maximize the superior selectivity, sensitivity, and noise rejection qualities of our Berg receivers. We don't recommend using any other brand of crystal for these reasons.

Choose from channels 11 through 60

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Castle Creations CC BEC

RX Battery Eliminator

Switching Regulator


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