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What the heck is a BEC?
BEC - Battery Eliminator Circuit is a little device that eliminates the need for a receiver and servo battery pack. It draws higher voltage from the motor batteries and drops it to a voltage level that is suitable for your receiver and servos. This is required in applications which draw high power for multiple servos or use more than 3S motor packs, as most ESCs with linear BECs are not designed for these applications.



Installation Diagram:






Castle Creations CC BEC

RX Battery Eliminator

Switching Regulator

 Only $22.95




Castle Creations


USB Programming Kit

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CASTLE LINK USB Interface Adapter for Phoenix ESC Programming


 Only $24.95


Berg 7P Receiver

Vertical Pin or Horizontal Pin

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Only $50.95


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Castle Creations Berg Micro Crystals

Berg brand crystals are manufactured to the highest tolerances in order to maximize the superior selectivity, sensitivity, and noise rejection qualities of our Berg receivers. We don't recommend using any other brand of crystal for these reasons.

Choose from channels 11 through 60

Only $7.95 Each


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