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Don't forget Security Clips for your Extensions located below!


For Other ON/Off Switches Click Here!

For  Extensions and Y Harness Adapters, Click Here!



Micro Extensions 12 Inch Micro Y Harness Adapters 12 Inch Micro ON/OFF Switch

12" Micro Futaba J Extension

12" Micro JR/Hitec/Airt.Z Extension


ONLY $3.50

Select a Type






12" Micro Futaba J Y Harness Adapter

12" Micro JR/Hitec/Airt.Z  Y Harness Adapter


ONLY $5.50

Select a Type







Micro UNIVERSAL ON/OFF Switch (with charge lead)


RC Micro On/Off Switch


Only $5.00

Made of  32 awg wire and gold plated connectors.  Great for your new plane or to have as a spare!


Universal ESC Control Switch

Universal Security Clips


This switch is designed to provide temporary control of the ESC between flying sessions.


ONLY $5.95




Keeps your Extension connections from being pulled apart giving you the security of a great flight without a wire coming loose.


Security Clip Pack Of 2

Only $1.50

Security Clip Bulk Pack Of 20

Only $13.75






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