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Stinson Voyager RC AIRPLANE KIT


Stinson Voyager RC Model Airplane Kit

Made in the USA by Easy Built Models


The Beautiful Stinson Voyager is a 1/8 scale, radio controlled flying model kit. 3 channel, designed for 05 to .15 cobalt motor or Speed 400 Straight or with 2.33:1 gear drive on 8 cells, 345 square inches. Includes preformed landing gear wire.



Wing Area:  345 sq. in.

Scale: 1/8 Scale Flyer

Building Skill: Easy

Flying Skill: Easy

Flying Weight: 38 oz.

Class:  Scale Flyer

Control surfaces: Rudder and Elevator

Radio system: 3 Channel

This electric radio controlled model kit contains
full-size rolled plans, instruction booklet, highest quality balsa, hardwood, and aircraft quality plywood, clear plastic for the windshield, wire, Easy Hinges and control horns.


All ribs are precut, the remaining parts are printed on the wood and must be cut out by the builder.

The engine, remote control, wheels, propeller, and covering material are not included.



For A Larger View, Click Each Photo!

 The photographs above were taken by the builder, Gene Turk of Fond Du Lac, WI, who said he covered the model with Monocote and light weight cover rite and also noted that it is powered by a speed 400 with a 2.33 to 1 gear ratio on 8 cells.




Stinson Voyager Aircraft Kit


Only $58.60








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